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Learn TEchnology in Urdu..!!

You must be thinking what is English doing here while the blog is about Urdu? Well, its just because we want to share the purpose of this initiative without any sort of discrimination of the audience. Last 3-4 years have shown a hike in the trend of learning technology in Pakistan. This resulted in the continuous increase of Pakistan’s IT exports since last couple of years. Major role was played by freelancing platforms internationally as recent reports declared Pakistan as 4th largest freelancing services provider in the world.
Looking at this potential, we also decided to play our part but a little differently. We decided to come up with an idea of providing local residents of Pakistan a platform where they can learn technology in Urdu. Urdu Stem is the practical embodiment of that idea as we are blogging in Urdu. We publish different technology news and articles in Urdu. Because majority of Pakistan’s population speaks Urdu. For students specifically, we publish content to make them learn digital marketing, freelancing, blogging and other latest technologies for beginners in Urdu. Our prime focus will be on how to make students learn freelancing in Urdu so they can also step up and take Pakistan from 4th to 1st country in the world providing freelancing services.

Earn Money From Fiverr In Urdu

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