Twenty years ago, before the advent of social media apps, people had different ways of spending their free time. Many people loved to read books. Then slowly time changed. Social media started. When Facebook first launched in 2005, it was a new experience for people to connect with anyone anywhere in the world from the comfort of their homes.

After some time Instagram also came. And so with the passage of time more social media platforms also came in the market. In today's article we will talk about the same social media platforms, and see how to easily create an account on them.

The Changes That Occurred In Social Media Apps With Time

A huge number of users is on different social media platforms. The features of these social media platforms also got better with time. For example, Facebook as it is today, or the things you can do today with the help of Facebook, did not exist even 5 years ago. That means these apps are improving very fast.

Today, social media apps are being used for far greater objectives than just to connect with your friends. You can use the social apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc for business purposes, apart from just sharing the posts.

Many people in the world are using these social platforms not just for entertainment, but for the promotion of their business as well. A lot of big brands leverage these social media apps to promote their business and earn millions of dollars annually. This shows the objectives and ways of using these social networking sites have changed.

Now we know how important it is to be on these social apps. That is why, today I will tell you about few top social apps. I will also tell you about the common information required to create account on these social media platforms.

List Of Top Social Media Apps

Below is the list of top 5 social media apps. Be clear about one thing, the apps featuring in this list are those with the most number of active users.

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • Twitter

Lets know a little detail about them.

1. Facebook: The Best Social Media App

Facebook has the most number of active users among all social media apps and is rightly ranked on first position on my list.

Apart from sharing your pictures, videos and text posts, you can also use Facebook for promoting your business. You can use a general user profile or can use a Facebook page or group. Not just the promotion of your business, but you can also buy and sell products on this social media app through the Facebook Marketplace.

You have to option to keep your profile locked for the safety of your data. By locking your profile, you can save your profile picture from being misused.

Instagram: One Of The Most Famous Social Media Apps

Instagram is a social media platform that was created in 2010. This app is used for sharing images and videos. Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom are the founders of this social media app. Instagram has almost more than 2 billion active users across the globe.

Like Facebook, you can promote your business on Instagram apart from sharing pictures and videos with your friends. Different brands on social media consider the presence on Instagram an integral strategy for their business. You can create your shop on Instagram and sell different products there.

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To increase the interest of the users, Instagram has made many changes over the years. The features like Instagram Reels and Stories are so famous among users. We can see further improvements in near future.

3. WhatsApp: One Of The Most Used Social Media App

Everyone is aware of the WhatsApp and must be using it. WhatsApp is being used in almost every country of the world. This app was created in January 2009. The original founders of the app were Jan Koum and Brian Atconn, but recently Facebook company Meta has acquired it.

WhatsApp has more than 2 billion active users. WhatsApp is a very economical way of connecting to people living in some other country. Prior to WhatsApp, it was so expensive to make a call to someone living in other country. But with the increasing usage of this social app, this is no more a problem to call abroad. You can make a call to anyone in any country with the help of WhatsApp.

You only need a mobile number on which you want to create your WhatsApp. And if you want to keep backup of your data, you will need a Gmail account as well.

You can also run your business on WhatsApp apart from just talking to your friends. With the help of WhatsApp Business, you can display your products in a similar fashion as a traditional ecommerce site using the Products Catalog feature.۔

4. Twitter: The Best Microblogging Social Media Platform

Twitter app was created in July 2006. The original founders of the app are Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Evan Williams And Biz Stone. But recently the owner of the Tesla company, Elon Musk has acquired the ownership rights of Twitter.

Twitter app has more than 450 million active users right now. Mostly, bloggers use it for broadcasting news. Not just bloggers, Twitter is also favorite of many journalists around the world. They use this social media platform for sharing different news. Apart from sharing news, big brands also use this platform for the marketing purposes of their business.

Twitter allows you to use up to 280 words in a tweet. To write more than 280 words, you will have to add another tweet which is called a thread.

YouTube: The Best Global Video Platform

Almost all the internet users must be aware of YouTube and use it as well. YouTube is the world's best video platform, where the users create and upload videos on different topics.

YouTube was created in February 2005. Its founders are Jawed Karim, Steven Chen and Chad Hurley. YouTube has more than 2.5 billion active users.

You can watch, like, comment and share different videos on YouTube. To upload a video, you need a channel. A YouTube channel can easily be created with the help of Google Account.

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Apart from earning from YouTube, you can also use it for the promotion of your or someone else's business. The more your channel is famous, the higher is your earning.

How To Create Account On All Social Medial Apps

It is very simple to create an account on the above mentioned social media apps. Mostly, common information is required for this purpose. You need a smart phone connected to internet. You need following information to create account on all social media platforms.

  • Email: Email is a must for all the social media accounts. You need an email address that you regularly use while creating any social media account. In other words, you will need a Google or Yahoo account.
  • Phone Number: Almost all the social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, now accept phone number as the alternative of email address. But WhatsApp is one such app where phone number is primary requirement and email account being the secondary one, that too for the backup of your data (chats and contacts).

This is the information you require to create account on all social media platforms commonly. To know the details on each platform separately, help can be taken from the following sources:

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