Have you heard the name "Fiverr" for the first time? Yes? No wonder. Because 3 out of every 5 people do not know what Fiverr is and how it works. Since earning online through digital means today Very trendy, so we thought to introduce you to the world's largest online money making platform.

Today, we'll discuss the fundamentals of Fiverr and how it operates in this article. We'll also check to see if using fiver is free and safe to use? Let's start now.

What Is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online marketplace where users from across the world can purchase and sell digital services. Digital Services buy and sell. The majority of services are offered for $5, hence the name is Fiverr. On Fiverr, numerous people buy and sell services every single day. Since its founding in 2010, Fiverr has developed into a sizable website that links users directly to buy and sell a variety of services.

There is a place for you on Fiverr whether you are a content writer, graphic designer, programmer, digital marketer, artist, or translator. It offers you the chance to showcase your abilities to the online community and make money doing what you enjoy.

How Does Fiverr Work For Freelancers?

To gain a better understanding of the situation, let's first go through a few terminology used by Fiverr.


The services provided on Fiver are known as Gigs.


On Fiverr, a user who posts gigs is referred to as a Seller. You are a "Seller" on Fiverr if you sign up while looking for work with the intention of selling your services.


A buyer is a user who purchases gigs on Fiverr. You are a "Buyer" if you wish to purchase a gig on Fiverr.


An order is placed by a buyer when they purchase a gig from a seller.

Fiverr is a platform for two-way communication where customers and sellers collaborate for each other's work requirements. Buyers can search seller profiles based on the type of work they do. and can take his work from those qualified to do it. Similar to buyers, sellers can examine requests to find work that suits their skills.

The moment a buyer and seller are connected, an order is made. Together, they project cost and the time of delivery. The vendor delivers the finished product to the buyer after finishing his job. If the buyer is satisfied, he marks the order as "Complete," otherwise, a revision request is made. After the order is completed, the seller receives its amount (the price that the seller and buyer agree on when placing the order).

Fiverr Processing And Service Fee

For orders, the buyer will pay Fiverr in advance. So, before making an order, Fiverr advises buyers to thoroughly consider a gig and read its description. When a customer decides to buy anything, he checks out. A processing fee is charged for each purchase. On purchases under $20, a processing fee of $1 is charged which becomes 5% on orders of over $20.

When a seller completes an order, Fiverr deposits the amount paid by the buyer into the seller's account. For example, after completing a $5 order, you will receive $4 and Fiverr will charge $1 as service fee.

When you finish a $10 order, you receive $8 while giving $2 to Fiverr as processing fees.

Additionally, the customer writes a review for the order after marking it as Complete. Everyone can see this review on your profile, and you are unable to edit or remove it. More buyers will want to work with you and place orders on your gig if you have positive ratings on your profile.

So this is how Fiverr works!

Seller Levels On Fiverr

  1. New Seller

Fiver gives you the title of New Seller as soon as you register your account and add your gig to it. To encourage new sellers, Fiver typically ranks the new seller higher in the search results.

Level One Seller

Fiverr promotes you to Level 1 Seller as soon as you reach $400, complete at least 10 orders, and meet a few more requirements. Being a Level One seller has many advantages, one of which is a rise in your minimum selling prices. Since you are a level one seller, Fiver will raise your minimum pricing range, for instance, if you were previously selling your cheapest service for $20. Additionally, more customers will start to trust you because they believe that since you are a Level One seller, you are an authority in your field.  This will help you get more work on Fiverr.

Level Two Seller

The automated mechanism on Fiverr will designate your account as a level two seller after you earn 2000$ and fulfil 50 orders. In Level One Seller, we observed the advantages of levelling up on Fiverr. Level 2 offers the same advantages as Level 1 and leads to greater income. As a result, customers all around the world feel more confident in you and open to work with you.

Top Rated Seller

This the highest  level a seller can achieve in Fiverr. Fiverr lists you as a Top Rated Seller once you have completed 100 orders and made at least $20,000 on the platform. These sellers are those who are highly paid.

This is not a Fiverr automatic procedure. When you meet the conditions, your account is reviewed by the fiverr administration. And then, it confirms that you are qualified for that level.

Can We Sign Up On Fiverr For Free?

Yes, joining on Fiver is completely free. To display your services on Fiverr, there are no sign-up, membership, or other hidden fees. You only pay money to Fiverr when you either execute an order as a seller or buy one as a buyer.

Is It Safe To Use Fiverr? Can We Trust It?

Questions like these have only one answer Yes! Yes!

Fiverr is a fairly well-known marketplace with very strict guidelines. Any type of violation, including spam and fraud, is not tolerated. Any violation blocks you. So , you must take great care and adhere to their rules at all times when working here.

Since payment is required at the moment the order is placed, the buyer can worry that the seller won't do the work and will waste my money instead. By delaying transferring your advance payment to the seller until the service is finished, Fiverr clears up this concern. After the work is finished, the seller receives payment. If he doesn't work, the buyer gets their money back. Until you are happy with the seller's work, Fiverr does not pay the seller. If you're not happy, you can request a refund, which is quite simple and is handled right away. Fiverr can take up to 15 days to deliver your revenue if you're a seller. Even then, though, your money is completely secure.

Therefore, it can be said without a shadow of a doubt that fiver is equally safe and advantageous for both buyers and sellers.


Although Fiverr is a fantastic platform for selling your services and earning money from it, it's not as simple as it seems. Working on this platform needs perseverance, consistency, and effort.

I don't think it's fair to promise you just positive news. I don't want you to imagine Fiverr as a castle where you can go in and get all your financial issues resolved. This never occurs at all. If you don't persistently commit to anything, nothing is possible. Working on Fiver needs considerable effort, time, and commitment because it is a business.

You must stay on this platform if you want to put up the effort necessary to create gigs, enhance your offerings, attract customers, and grow your business.

There is no magic or short path; only a lot and lot of hard work. Therefore, nothing can prevent you from prospering on Fiverr if you are prepared to put in the necessary effort.

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