When it comes to earning money online in the world, we have published a series of articles on Fiverr Freelancing for our readers where we taught them the working of fiverr, and how we can succeed on it. But wait, do you know that fiverr is not the only platform for earning online money? There are other platforms as well where you can earn money by selling your services.

From today, we are going to start a new series of articles on another freelancing platform on this website. We will talk about Upwork. Just like the fiverr series, we will learn everything from basic to advance in Upwork. So let's begin with the introductory post on Upwork.

People who claim that Upwork is ineffective will tell you a lot of negative things about it. We disagree, though. It operates wonderfully. With the appropriate approach, you can gain clients without putting in much effort.

So if you're a new freelancer and thinking what upwork is and how to earn money through it, you're at the right place.

What is Upwork?

If you're a new freelancer, it's likely that you have no idea where to look or how to approach finding your first client. In this situation, Upwork is useful.


So what actually Upwork is? Upwork is a freelancing platform. it is one of the biggest freelancing platforms in the world. So freelancers should sign up here and put there skills in front of a larger audience. When they need assistance getting things done, clients (business owners, startups, entrepreneurs, etc.) post jobs on Upwork.

The website's working can initially be a little unclear. But as you use it more, it becomes simpler. It's up to you to find some clients for yourself, just like with other freelancing websites. Typically, clients will post the task they need done. You then submit a proposal to the client in order to submit a bid for the jobs you wish to work on.

This is a summary of how upwork works.

There are hundreds of jobs to choose on upwork. Jobs are posted on Upwork in a variety of categories, including writing, customer service, sales and marketing, translation, design and creative skills, admin assistance, IT and networking support, and web, mobile, and software development.


What is the Importance of Upwork?

As a freelancer, working on upwork is your first stem towards freedom. It is the best place when you start learning about world of freelancing.

Is upwork important for freelancers? The answer is pretty simple, Yes! and for detailed answers, keep reading it.

You will work on projects that fascinate and excite you. The projects you want to work on are up to you. It is true that you would desire to accomplish everything as a new freelancer. But over time, you'll come to understand that working on something you're passionate about is simpler.

 Upwork clients are globally dispersed and diverse. So you can improve your chances of getting recruited, you can hunt for work outside of your geographical area. If you enjoy travelling, this job will be like travelling to different places because you will be working with clients from different nations.

Many clients are interested in hiring freelancers, but many are hesitant to do so because they lack the infrastructure necessary to manage freelancers. This issue is resolved for clients by freelancing websites like Upwork, which handle all aspects of managing freelancers. More clients will feel confident hiring and working with freelancers as a result. Consequently, as a freelancer on Upwork, you have the opportunity to find trustworthy clients.

Every professional freelancer's ultimate objective is to generate a consistent source of income from loyal clients. When you first start out, it might be difficult to find clients on your own. However, if you sign up for Upwork and impress your clients, you can quickly acquire long-term contracts and referrals.

It's simple and secure to get paid on Upwork. Most freelancers avoid using freelance platforms because they worry about losing their hard-earned money, which is one of the reasons of shying away from freelancing platforms. However, Upwork keeps track of your working hours and automatically bills the client. The client must put money in escrow for jobs that are paid per project rather than hourly. It assures you of payment after the project is delivered.

Is Upwork Free to Use?

Creating an account on upwork is free for freelancers but you can also upgrade to Plus Plan by paying 10 dollars every month. Joining Upwork is free, but working on it is not. It costs service fee from every freelancer.

One percent of the client payment is the service fee. The service cost is based on your lifetime billing with each client and is a sliding fee (decreasing over time). This implies that your service prices will reduce as you continue to make more money from each client.

Service fees charges are as follows:

  • 20% service charges fee will be deducted on every payment made by the client if it is less than $500
  • The service fee decreases to 10% when the payment made by the client is between $500 to $10,000
  • The service fee reduces to 5% when the payment by the client is above $10,000

Still not got it? Let me give you an explanation with example.

Suppose you get your first job by a specific client and the payment that client made is between $1 to $500. In this case upwork service charges will be 20% of the payment

But if you get the second job and the payment from the first and second job collectively is between $500 to $10,000. Now upwork will charge 10% of the payment.

The idea behind sliding is to encourage freelancers to get jobs from the same client over and again and improve their performance. This helps to improve the quality of work offered on the site and improve customer trust in the site.

How Are the Payments Made on Upwork?

There are two types of contracts on Upwork – Hourly and Fixed Price.

On a weekly basis, from Monday through Sunday, hourly tasks are monitored. It is your job to make sure that your work diary accurately records the time spent on each hourly project.

The client has five days after the conclusion of the workweek to submit a recorded dispute. The funds will be deposited to your Upwork account if there is no disagreement. You will be able to withdraw the money after a few days. You have the option of withdrawing your funds from Upwork through a variety of payment processors, including PayPal, wire transfers, and bank transfers. The withdrawal process will be determined by your nation.

Is Upwork Safe?

Every freelancer's primary concern is not getting paid. We have all heard of freelancers who have contracts in place but haven't received payment from their clients. And if they are from other countries you can't do much about it then.

This is handled by Upwork, which also ensures payment to you. What does this mean, exactly? This implies that time will be automatically logged and billed to the client for each hour you work on a weekly basis. Make sure to track your efforts each week using the Upwork Work Diary.

If your projects have fixed prices, clients must pay in full before you start any work. In this manner, you will be paid as soon as the project is completed. Remind your client to provide funding before beginning any project.

How To Get Started on Upwork?

The quality of your profile will determine how successful you are on Upwork. a profile that demonstrates your expertise so that clients will see you as highly skilled person. When establishing your profile, be careful to make the client feel as though hiring you would be a wise choice.

Finish off your profile completely. A strong description, a catchy title, and a professional-looking photo can all be used to quickly attract a potential customer.

Include a portfolio of your prior work. List your prior experience and mention your educational background. Don't forget to take various tests in your area of expertise. All of this material will demonstrate your competence to clients and persuade them that you are the ideal person for the job.

Consider your Upwork profile to be a resume or marketing pamphlet. Therefore, emphasize your qualifications, accomplishments, portfolio, and professional experience.

Remember to use proper grammar. Regardless of the field of expertise you are interested in, make sure your profile is clear of grammatical errors. Not only should writers and bloggers use proper grammar, but everybody who views themselves as a professional should as well.

So this was our first article in the Upwork series where we learned its introduction, how it works, how it gets paid and other basics. Will definitely be back with more articles on this series. Be sure to share your opinion about today's article.

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