Alibaba, the undisputed leader in e-commerce, keeps growing. Recently, Alibaba announced that it would begin offering its services in Pakistan. In this context, two automated distribution centres for this service would be introduced by Alibaba's logistics services, known as Cainiao, in Lahore and Karachi.

According to TechCrunch The Cainiao suite of technologies, which includes software-based PLCs, electric control units, and a computer solution that takes advantage of cloud computing and ultra-fast runtimes, will be installed in the smart distribution centres.


Cainiao asserts that warehouse technology can reduce the amount of manual work and boost human productivity by 100%. Cainiao intends to expand internationally as much as its parent company has. Aiming to grow operations in Southeast Asia, South Asia, and Europe, it already runs nine significant distribution hubs across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. This strategy appears to include the opening of distribution hubs in Karachi and Lahore.

The CEO of Ali Baba, Daniel Zeng said;

"Expanding the logistics network is a key priority in our globalization policy as it is essential to improve the customer experience based on delivering more products locally and across borders."

"Using the business use cases provided by Lazada, AliExpress, and Trendyol, Cainiao is building a logistics network in Southeast Asia and Europe." The CEO further added

Alibaba has previously used a combination of investments and mergers to expand into Pakistan and other Asian countries. It bought Daraz, a Pakistani e-commerce platform that also sells goods to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Myanmar, in 2018. Alibaba also owns a stake in Turkey's Trendyol and Indonesia's Tokopedia, and in 2016 it took control of the Southeast Asian e-commerce site Lazada.

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