To Earn Money Online!!   This is the answer we will get 85 times out of 100 if a question about their future plan is asked. Many people are becoming successful in it. In Pakistan also, there is a race going on to earn money online. The effects of this race came out in the fact that for the last two to three years, Pakistan is the fourth largest freelancing country in the world providing freelancing services.۔

Freelancing is probably the most common and easiest way to earn money online for the majority of Pakistani youth. But despite the fact that Pakistan is the fourth largest freelancing services provider in the world, a large number of young people still need guidance.

Freelancing is not the only source of online earning for you. There are other fields as well in the world that offer you a chance to earn money through internet. Which field to choose? This largely depends on your interest.

The need for guidance will still be there. You will have to figure out that how much time is required for a skill that you want to learn. Because we keep hearing that 'Time is money' which tells us a great deal about its importance. Whichever skill you're learning, you need to figure out the level of difficulty to learn that skill. Is this a skill that can be learned in a couple of months? It is important to know the time a skill takes to learn so that you can start selling this skill and able to earn money as quickly as possible. Or you want to learn a skill that could take a year or two to get full grip?

This is exactly what our topic is about for today. We will see which skills are highly demanding to earn money online, which skills are easy to learn and can be learnt in relatively lesser time, which are the skills that may take time to learn but once you learn them, can give highly-paid jobs.

So let's see which skills are easy to learn and take less time to learn, and which are the skills that are time taking and relatively hard to learn. We will also look into the details of the sources on the internet that help you earn money online. So lets get started!

 Easy Skills

These words might sound astonishing as there's nothing 'easy' in this world at the moment. But here, we are talking about the skills that are relatively easy learn, take less time, and we can sell them on different platforms to earn money.۔

Following are some of the skills that we can learn in less time and earn money online:

1.Web development ( WordPress, Shopify without coding)

2.Android app development ( basics )

3.Graphic designing

4.Video editing

5.Video animation

6.Social media marketing

7.Digital marketing

8.Paid ads


10.Amazon virtual assistant

11.Content Writing


All these are the highly demanding skills in freelancing. If you master one of these skills, you can easily earn a handsome living (obviously, if you continuously get orders).

If we talk about web development skills, you can survive in this field even if you don't know about coding or have no knowledge of any programing language. You can work on Shopify or WordPress development which require almost zero coding skills. And you can assess the demand of the WordPress from the fact that more than 30% of websites on the internet are built with WordPress.

Other skills are also as demanding as this one. Where websites are built, they will need one important thing i.e. SEO to rank higher in Google or other search engines. SEO, social media marketing Digital Marketingcontent writer and Amazon virtual assistant services are few of the most sold services on Fiverr and other freelancing platorms.

These skills are relatively easy to learn and take from 2 to 6 months. With the passage of time, you get better at your work and you become expert. And the best part is that these skills are highly demanded in freelancing and there are instances where people with these relatively easy skills earn more than those who have difficult and more technical skills. All you need is patience, hard work, portfolio and communication skills.

Difficult Skills

1.python( artificial intelligence)

2. Cloud computing

3.block chain development

4. Machine learning and data science

5.cyber security

6. Web Development( with coding )

7. Mobile app development ( with coding )

These skills are difficult to learn and are technical in nature. They require 1-2 years to learn. These skills are mostly required in jobs and experts of these skills get 6-digit salaries.

These are the skills that are not much demanded in freelancing, but are given very much importance in big enterprises. In recent future, the most part of internet would shift to web 3.0. This generation of web largely depends on technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Python.

Yes these skills are difficult but if you get a solid grip on them, you can earn a handsome living by becoming part of a big company. Security is given so much importance in this age. Because we all know that data is the most important asset of a company. Looking at this importance, cybersecurity experts are very much demanding in corporate sector.

Although every thing is now being shifted to apps from websites, the importance of websites still has its place held. So web and mobile app development skill is of great importance.


Ecommerce is online business and cannot be compared with any skill. Because nothing beats your own business as its your own asset. If it goes well, nothing beats this luxury. But every business needs investment and there's always an element of risk.

Like any other business, ecommerce business also needs promotion to be successful. If you manage to win the trust of your customers and they prefer buying from you, this will give your business a great boost and increase your revenue. One of the greatest benefits of ecommerce is that you can run your business sitting at home, in any condition.

Passive Income

Passive income is an income that is neither an income from freelancing nor from ecommerce. This type of earning includes money from blogging, YouTube channel income and money from the Facebook page monetization.

Blogging and YouTube channel require same kind of hard work. Your channel won't be a famous one right after you start, nor will your blogging site be able to drive a large amount of traffic.

For your blogging site to be successful, you will need to work on its SEO and bring it at top ranking. Same goes with YouTube channel. In both cases, you will need quality content, continuous hard work and a bit of luck.


Cryptocurrency is something that is full of risk. We have so many examples where we see people working for so many years in this and they suddenly get rich, while there are also instances where people loose all their wealth overnight.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle to investing in it is the sheer uncertainty it has. You may get rich in one night while you may loose your investment overnight. You need experience to invest in crypto. Experience will tell you what is the right time to invest and withdraw money.

Investing in it requires that you invest some extra money so that you can be safe if the market crashes for some reason.

These are the only valid and genuine ways to earn money online in Pakistan. All other methods are frauds that you should avoid.

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