Any blogging site's initial objective should be to gain Google AdSense approval so that it can be monetized and establish a means of online income. Google allows you to place advertisements on your website once Google AdSense has authorized your blog. However, you must create your site in accordance with some instructions provided by Google in order to have it approved for Google Adsense.

What are the requirements to get a blog approved by Google AdSense? What style do we need to work on? We will try to answer all such questions today in this post. So let's know how to get blog approved by Google AdSense.

We'll start by talking about the reasons our blog is rejected. so that we are aware of the things we should avoid doing in order to have the blog approved.

Common Reasons For Getting Rejected By Google AdSense

Inadequate/ Unacceptable Content On The Site

Is there not enough content on your website for users to view? Before approving a blog, Google gives the content a lot of consideration. Google will reject the blog right away if it includes badly written and grammatically incorrect content.

The content must not only be grammatically accurate but also original and beneficial to blog readers and users. This indicates that poor or insufficient content is the main cause of blog rejection.

Design Of The Blog

What would it look like if you went to a web page with a bright yellow background color and white text with big buttons on it? I know the answer, you will never want to visit this website again.

Blogs with poor visual appeal and bad design are swiftly rejected by Google AdSense. Your blog's layout should be neat and appealing to the eye.

Not Having About Us, Privacy Policy And Contact Us Pages

You must have some pages constructed before seeking for Google AdSense approval for your blog. These pages are the Contact Us, Privacy Policy, and About Us ones.

These pages convey the idea that you are a professional and that you are conducting yourself in accordance with Google's rules. Keep in mind that one of the Google AdSense criteria is to have a Privacy Policy page.

The Site Doesn't Comply With Google AdSense Policies

Websites with little or no original material, little organic traffic, and no rich, distinctive, or relevant content will get rejected for sure. The likelihood that your website will be rejected is also significant if the navigation to the various sections of the site is unclear and the user experience is poor.

The websites that receive traffic from illegal sources, are also rejected. Also, the sites that overuse keywords, and have poor design are also in line to get rejected.

So before applying for Google AdSense, you need a comprehensive guidance and checklist of things to do to get approval.

What Do You Need To Do To Get Approval From Google AdSense

Create High Quality Content

Writing best quality content is one of the most crucial things to do before submitting an application to Google AdSense. You must not at any cost disregard this.

Google favors blogs that offer users high-quality content that they like. Every AdSense application you submit will be reviewed by humans, so keep that in mind. So make an effort to create stuff that will impress them.

The high quality content:

  • Is unique and original
  • Has proper headings and bullet points
  • Is free from spelling and grammatical mistakes
  • Has enough length to convey its message
  • Is useful and informative

Create A Privacy Policy Page For Your Blog

Absence of a privacy policy page on a blog is a common error made by new bloggers. Even seasoned bloggers will occasionally say that having a Privacy Policy page is not necessary. But this is a totally false impression.

A Privacy Policy page is the first thing you'll need for AdSense to approve your blog or website. In other words, AdSense may not accept your blog if it misses a Privacy Policy page.

Why is it so important?

The first one is that AdSense demands it. Additionally, you won't be spammed courtesy this privacy policy. It makes a serious business sense. Only once you have access to the Privacy Policy page will Google review the remaining terms of approval.

In fact, the Privacy Policy informs your readers of what they may expect to see on your site as well as what they can and shouldn't do. There is, of course, nothing wrong with establishing a privacy policy. You should create it not only for the fact that it is important for AdSense approval.

WordPress gives you the option to create it with just one click. Another option is to use Online Privacy Policy Generator , where you can get a read-made privacy policy page for your website by providing the basic information for your site.

Create An About Us Page For Your Blog

Along with the Privacy Policy, you should also create an About Us page to get AdSense approval. Because it will demonstrate that the blog's administrator is an authentic person. The About Us page is still crucial even if you decide not to apply for AdSense. However, without this page, your chances of getting AdSense approved are zero.

Your readers will learn more about you from a about us page. Their trust in you will grow as a result, and it will also improve your readers' perception of you.

Create A Contact Us Page

Everyone has an opinion. What one reader may like, another may dislike. Therefore, it is important to provide them with a platform where they can express their opinions and talk freely about their likes and dislikes.

Attempt to input the email you will use to apply for Google AdSense on a Contact Us page. By doing this, you convey to Google that you value your readers and visitors and that they can get in touch with you whenever they want. And you'll do everything you can to assist them. The AdSense team will also be aware of your concern for your readers in addition to your website's financial well-being.

Create A Clear Navigation Menu

Before applying for AdSense, let me tell you one thing that when Google AdSense rejects a website, it gives reasons through email that your website should have a clear navigation menu so that the readers can easily navigate through all your pages.

Therefore, it's critical that you include all the pages and categories that are required and popular in your menu. Include About Us, Contact Us, and Privacy Policy pages as well. The easier it is for users to utilize your website, the more likely it is that Google AdSense will approve it.

This way your website has chances to get approved sooner and you will enjoy a fully approved account.

There Should Be Enough Number Of Posts

How many blog posts must you have before Google AdSense will approve your site? There is no obvious answer. Because I've come across blogs with over 300 posts whose owners claim that AdSense is rejecting them. However, some bloggers are making money even with relatively few posts through AdSense approval. It's important to note that there is no set restriction. We can always predict, though.

According to my estimation, when your blog has 20 posts with quality content in them, that's the time to apply for AdSense approval. Your blog post must have at least 800 words.

I saw a blog site which had 3 posts, 115 views and 12 comments on it. And it was approved by AdSense. When I visited that blog, I found out that it had a very clean and simple design, easy navigation and a detailed and complete content.

Make Sure You Are Older Than 18

Besides, make sure that you apply with your actual age. Google doesn't approve people with age less than 18. Some people understand this issue after being rejected multiple times.

Improve Your Site's Design

As mentioned above, the design of your blog is very important. It has to be professional. A clean, professional and fast loading design is liked by Google. What is the first thing you see when you visit a blog? Obviously, design is the first thing you will notice. You have to design your blog in a way that visitors, in the first look, decide to stay on your site.

The design of your blog, after the content is the biggest thing. It shows your skills, experience and professional skills. A good blog has professional and simple design. It provides easy navigation to the pages, has reasonable menus and there is no unnecessary thing placed in sidebars and footers.

So you need to be careful about this. Because even a slight mistake can get your site rejected.

Check That What Kind Of Content You Are Uploading

Be cautious about the content that you are publishing. Because it is something that really matters.

Following are some of the types of content that Google AdSense doesn't approve:

  • Adult Material
  • Pirated Content
  • Tutorials for hacking and cracking of software and applications.
  • Illegal Drugs

Publish your content in a language that is approved by AdSense.

In a forum post, the Google AdSense team stated that they no longer accept content in areas like monetization, marketing, websites, and SEO that have already received a lot of attention.

Use Top Level Domain

Google has changed its policies. If you have a blog on the BlogSpot and your domain is, chances are high that you will get approval relatively easily. But you can't use it with com. domain. You will have to send an application to update your AdSense Account.

Remove Other Networks Of Advertisements

It's time to skip any more adverts, such as those from, Chitika, Infolinks, Clicksor, or anything else. Keep adverts off your blog (only place ads that are approved by AdSense).

It is still recommended to remove the advertising before applying, even if Google AdSense permits you to utilize alternative ad networks. And wait for the AdSense team to respond before putting them back. Typically, this process takes a few days to several weeks.

So, before submitting your application for Google Adsense, remove all your blog ads from any other network.

Check For The Sources Of Traffic Of Your Blog

Sites receiving sponsored traffic are not liked by Google and are frequently penalized. Therefore, there is no likelihood of receiving AdSense clearance for a site that receives sponsored visitors. Search engines and other channels are both options for getting traffic. Paid traffic, however, is not the answer if you want to use Google Adsense to make a decent living.

Besides, Google doesn't like the sites that get the traffic from illegal sources. So use legitimate means like social media, search engines or related from related blogs.

This is our today's article where we learnt what is and isn't required to do to get your blog approved by Google AdSense. Have anything to say on the post? Use the comment section to express your views.

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