In this blog, we will talk about why WordPress is still the best option for blogging. Blogging has become a source to earn money for so many people. When it comes to popularity and financial success, blogging is at its best. Many bloggers might not be able to make as much money from their regular jobs as they do from their blogs. And today still   WordPress is the best blogging platform for you.

In the early days of blogging, Google BlogSpot had the highest market share. However, ever since WordPress began to gain popularity, every other blogging platform has begun to appear antiquated. Even Yahoo made an effort to rival Tumblr but was unsuccessful. Let's have a look at why WordPress has long been considered the greatest blogging platform.

Availability Of Large Number Of Outstanding Themes

WordPress has long been renowned for its elegant and eye-catching themes. because no other blogging platform offers as many high-quality themes. Since WordPress' beginnings, there have been more common themes available. According to the type of blogs, there are already several types of blogging themes. You may find hundreds of common themes by searching for blogs in any category, such as health, technology, fashion, and more. Most of them are free themes and possess great design and outstanding features. Besides, there are premium themes in plenty as well, which are so popular and can easily be installed in place of free wordpress themes on the site. These are the quality themes that make WordPress the first choice of bloggers.


Plugins Getting Better Everyday

One more reasons of WordPress being the best blogging platform is the Plugins of top quality. Apart from themes, plugins also urge people to develop their blogging and business websites in WordPress. More and more quality plugins are being added to compete the current trends of online world. There are so many plugins with advanced features that will improve your blogging site. There's no surprise why people choose WordPress when they are getting this many free features.

Freedom Of Customizing Your Website As You Want

WordPress is the best blogging platform in large part due to its developer and user-friendliness. To modify your website, you don't need to be an expert in technology. You can modify your post type's style, add widgets that are ideal for blogs, enable blog comments, and do a lot more. We can quickly update the pages of our website using the powerful Page Builders in WordPress, and the customizer will allow us to view the changes we make in real time. This is what makes WordPress so well-liked by users.

You will now need to add additional features to your blog as it grows over time. A developer is not usually necessary for this job. You can even do this with the assistance of a few videos because WordPress is so simple to use.

Best For Search Engine Optimization

It is crucial to have a high search engine ranking for any website to be successful. For a better ranking of their website, many spend thousands of dollars to engage SEO specialists. However, WordPress-powered websites have built-in SEO compatibility. If you select a premium theme, there is a good probability that your website will start showing up on page one right away. Besides, all the SEO plugins will improve your PageRank, after which you will be able to do On-Page SEO of your site at your own. Being seo-friendly also gives a solid reason for WordPress to be the best blogging platform.

Online Earning

Without a doubt, the purpose of creating a blog is to earn money. On other blogging platforms, it might be very difficult to monetize your blog. You cannot post an advertisement where you want to receive more clicks. When you make use of affiliate links from third parties, your AdSense account could also be terminated. In addition, there are many other issues. However, WordPress makes it simple to do anything, anywhere. Ads can be posted anywhere. You can also keep affiliate links hidden from search engine spiders, which will likely increase the amount of money you make. This is regarded by many expert bloggers as the aspect of blogging that makes WordPress the best platform.

Social Media Support

As social media is a fantastic tool for promoting blogs, it is crucial that blogging platforms offer social media integration as well. Another area where WordPress excels social media support. WordPress is renowned for having excellent plugins that make it simple to publish blog posts on social networking.


Visitors to your website will be informed of your social media activity in this way. They may easily like, share, and follow you, which will greatly boost your following.

Importance Of Website Analytics

WordPress is the best platform for obtaining website visitor data (Analytics). It contains the latest techniques for obtaining thorough statistics so you can quickly understand your audience. Similarly, you may create better content, choose better locations for your ad segments, and increase conversions from those advertisements.

Website Security

Hacking is so common in online world. The moment your blog get fame, you will be noticed by hackers as well. WordPress is so secure because it keeps updating its Security to protect it against hacking attacks. Any attempt made for hacking will be detected there and then and appropriate action will be taken against it. 


You may also add a lot of sophisticated plugins to strengthen the security of your website. You can also regularly backup your website to ensure that, in the event of a malfunction, there is minimal harm. It may be concluded that WordPress is the best blogging platform in light of all of these factors. So, without further hesitation, go ahead and purchase a reliable hosting and launch your blog.

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