How to become Amazon Virtual Assistant In Pakistan? Lets find the answer to this question.

Amazon is probably the biggest marketplace in the world which was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994. On this platform, you can buy almost every product from any country in the world. From Pakistan, however, you cannot buy products directly. But the country has just been added to the Amazon's Sellers List recently.

In other words, you can sell on Amazon after registering from the countries like Canada, America or the UK.

There are more than 2 million active sellers on the platform, and they do trillions of dollars business annually. When Amazon added Pakistan to its sellers list, thousands of people registered on the platform. However, not everyone can sell on the platform as it requires investment.

If you don't have money for investment, worry not, you still have opportunities for earning from the platform by offering Virtual Assistant services. Read this post to the end so you can get an idea about what is a Virtual Assistant and how to become Amazon Virtual Assistant in Pakistan.

What Is An Amazon Virtual Assistant?

Amazon Virtual Assistant is a job in which you handle someone's Amazon store and business from anywhere in the world. The services offered by Virtual Assistants vary with the abilities of different people. An Amazon store owner may hire one or more freelancers as Virtual Assistants to run and manage their business.

Amazon Virtual Assistant has to look after different aspects of a store like product hunting, PPC advertising, and product listing etc. Amazon Virtual Assistant jobs are easy to find on various job portals, freelance marketplaces, Facebook groups, etc.

The trend to be Virtual Assistant in Pakistan is increasing. One of the big reasons for this is the promotion done by different teaching platforms for this purpose.

Why Do We Hire Amazon Virtual Assistant Services?

To run and manage an Amazon store, all you need is time and expertise required for this job. Most of the E-commerce store owners are those who have physical stores. They lack the ability to successfully run an Amazon ecommerce store, nor do they have enough time for this.

That's why they hire the Virtual Assistant services. Following is the list of tasks for which a VA is hired:

1۔ Task Management

An Assistant can be hired to complete different tasks on daily basis. These tasks include updating prices and inventory, responding to customers' queries, helping customer with different problems and many more.


Managing an Amazon store requires skills that not everybody can possess. For example, creating a store is a lengthy and complicated task, which needs someone with proper knowledge and experience about it.

So this is not a big deal to hire a Virtual Assistant for this purpose. Furthermore, it requires you to have expertise of Photoshop, web development and Data Analysis. And you will get this support from somewhere else.

Cost-effective Services

The above mentioned skills are not available in low prices. You need a lot of money to learn them. For small company owners, hiring someone remotely on an hourly or project basis is the best option because it's cheaper than hiring a full-time worker.

Moreover, it saves other expenses such as rent of workplace and other bills etc. Because you are getting remote services.

Freedom From Managing The Employees

Hiring full-time employees also imposes some additional responsibilities on store owners regarding employees. On the other hand, owners who hire virtual assistants have to pay them at a fixed rate as both of them (the virtual assistant and the store owner) are bound by an agreement that they are not dependent on each other.


By having a virtual assistant, store owners can work on other aspects as the responsibility of managing the store falls on the virtual assistant. Many also run multiple stores with the help of virtual assistants.

Responsibilities Of Amazon Virtual Assistant

Once you realize how important it is to hire a virtual assistant for an Amazon store owner, with that in mind, below are some of the services you can offer to anyone around the world.

Product Hunting

Product Hunting, or in other words finding the most profitable products on Amazon, is a process that starts even before you sign up for Amazon. There are almost 75 million products on Amazon. But all of them are not perfect for you to sell. Moreover, Product Hunting is a job that is the most searched on most of the online job portals.

Hunting the products is an important step and it requires proper research. Among all the Amazon Virtual Assistant responsibilities, this service alone is enough for you to earn money. Many people who want to become VA, don't even bother to learn other skills after learning this skill.

It is not as easy a job to hunt products as it may seem. Before you jump into this field, you need to know how to research. You can perform best in this field if:

  1. You have a habit of curiosity
  2. You go deep into everything, but don't go too deep
  3. You enjoy learning about latest and the best products
  4. If you know how to extract only the most important thing from a lot of data
  5. If you have the ability to find your answers online while researching

What To Look For In Amazon Product Hunting?

If you want to get the highest paying jobs related to Amazon Virtual Assistant in Pakistan then you have to prepare yourself for it. Following is the list of things you need to be careful about while finding the right product for your client:

  • The product with high demand and low competition
  • The keyword has high search volume
  • Product's seasonality
  • Monitor how consistently the product is being sold (product behavior)
  • Product title
  • High profit
  • The average revenue of the product and the monthly average unit sale
  • Product reviews
  • How much the product is small and light weight
  • Seller ranking
  • Room for improvement
  • The patents of products and other legal issues

If you find a product that has no patents and other legal issues, and it has high demand, then consider it a perfect product to sell.

Product Sourcing

There are two methods to sell on Amazon and we can choose one of them:

  • Fulfilled By Merchant (FBM)
  • Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA)

In FBM method, from product sourcing to delivery, everything is managed by the seller himself. While in FBA method, Amazon provides the helping hand to the seller and fulfils the delivery responsibility and in return, charges a modest fee from the seller.

FBA method is preferred because it handles all your problems related to delivery and logistics. With this method, you can sell to any country sitting at your home.

This method only requires you to send your inventory to Amazon Warehouse, where the Amazon itself would pack the product and deliver it to the customer. The issues related to customer service and order returns are also handled by Amazon.

How Can FBA Seller Source Products On Amazon Store?

  • Private Label: This means launching your own brand with the collaboration of any manufacturer. In this method, you can create your own brand where you will outsource the product from a local manufacturer and will send it to the Amazon Warehouse by applying your own label on the product. You can also choose drop shipping where you can sell your product from China to America.
  • Wholesale: In this method, the products with high demand on Amazon are found, and then these products are bought from any wholesaler. And then they are sold on Amazon for higher profits.
  • Retail Arbitrage: In this method, products are bought and resold on Amazon to earn greater revenue.

All these methods require effort, time and expertise. A seller has to hire a VA for such services. Using a VA to handle initial interactions with manufacturers and distributors is an effective way to better manage time. Using a VA to handle initial interactions with manufacturers and distributors is an effective way to better manage time. Following are the features you must possess as a Virtual Assistant for soucring:

  • Extraordinary communication skills
  • Willingness to work extra hard for the best deal
  • Better at negotiation
  • Ability to extract the important points from so much data
  • Enjoy product hunting

If you have these skills, you can offer your Virtual Assistant Services to any seller in the world. You can find new products for them. You can also help them launch new products on their pre-existing store.

Competition Analysis By Amazon VA

Competition Analysis is an important job on Amazon and a best Virtual Assistant can do this. To manage and run any business, it is an important thing. Competition Analysis starts even before we list products on the store.

You will have to compare your products with those listed by your competitor. This includes verifying the product listing of your competitor, checking their branding and testimonials and research about their target keywords.

The data you get from this comparison will help you in product listing.

Product Listing

The Virtual Assistant job doesn't end on finding the right product and then resourcing it. The next step is to list these products on your store and then ranking them on top. This platform has millions of products an thousands of sellers are there to compete your product.

Your product can only feature on the first page if you have optimized it properly.

You must have heard about search engine optimization or SEO before this. This simple means you optimize your product according to the keywords that are searched the most on Google and Amazon. You also add these keywords to your product title and description.

In this competition, your product image should also be the best. Use high quality images. Good reviews leave good impact. A virtual assistant must have following skills for product listing:

  • SEO features
  • Excellent writing skills
  • The ability to convince the customer to buy a product

When you feel you have these skills, you can offer Amazon store owners services they can't refuse, while sitting at home.

Running PPC Ads On Amazon

Running PPC ads on Amazon is a profitable job for Virtual Assistants. This has become even more important after the death of PPC campaigns. This virtual assistant job in Pakistan has a greater trend these days.

Amazon offers an option for PPC ads. In this, the advertiser is charged a fee against each click on the ad. The cost per click depends on the competition and search volume of the targeted keyword.

Amazon provides option of three types of ads which are Sponsored Display Ads, Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products. For this specific task, finding Amazon virtual assistant jobs online is easy. Store owners hire VAs to run their ads campaign. This is because these campaigns give excellent results.

New stores mostly rely on this method. This is because they need enough sales and reviews to rank organically.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is perfect for paid marketing. Sometimes you increase your sales better by promoting products on social media than running PPC campaigns. Almost all the store owners use Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. To run and manage these pages, VA services are hired.

If you know how these social media platforms work, you can easily offer your virtual assistant services to any seller. You need following things to be a social media marketer:

  • The ability to create ads that catch the attention
  • The ability to write compelling captions
  • Best data analysis abilities

It is better for virtual assistants to offer the skill of running PPC ads along with social media marketing skills. This is because the store owners prefer someone with both the skills.

Creating Content For A Brand

You must have come across products on Amazon that also have video. The products that have videos boost the sales. Due to the unique feature of Amazon, products with videos rank swiftly. Having an account on Amazon doesn't guarantee you to present there forever.

To promote your products, you need something more than just the account. Like any other virtual hiring on Amazon, store owners also hire people who manage the promotional content. You will promote the products either by visual content (videos & images), or by writing blogs.

You must posses excellent writing and video making abilities. These blogs may be about products reviews, products' usage method and answers to different queries of customers about the product.

Managing Inventory

When your store starts running successfully on Amazon, your responsibility doubles. You have to look after different aspects to get everything going smoothly. One of them is inventory. If your products go out of stock for a long time, their ranking may drop down.

Besides, you also need to keep an eye on the store sales and FBA charges. And if you're running store with FBM, you don't need to be active on store all the time. To cater all these affairs, store owners hire virtual assistants.

Providing Customer Service

While running store on FBA, most of the issues related to customer service are handled by Amazon itself. However, brand building is the solely the responsibility of the seller only. Interacting directly with your customers will improve your integrity.

For this job, store owners hire VAs. If you want to take on the responsibilities of a VA of any type, you will also have to offer this service along with other VA services.

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