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During the pandemic, internet was the facility we all had and were relying completely on it. Internet helped us to connect with each other. It helped us easily perform all our household tasks including online shopping from single online shopping platform.

While everything is shifting online today, it is of no surprise that people are also getting to online platforms for shopping as well. Daraz without a doubt is the most searched website for online shopping and selling products online in Pakistan. And icing on the cake is when you know which are the best selling products on Daraz and what to sell on Daraz, you become a successful seller on Daraz.

And Daraz is not only for online shopping, you can also sell products on Daraz. Being the largest online shopping website in the South Asia, Daraz offers around 100 different categories which have almost 20 million products. Want to sell on Daraz? Keep reading this post to find the way to sell online.

It is not only a virtual marketplace for hundreds of thousands of online sellers, but also helps sellers connect to the world through their products. Why do online sellers prefer Daraz? You will soon get the answer to this question after reading this post and knowing the perks of selling on Daraz.

If you want to be a potential seller and have products to sell that can be a profitable business, Daraz can be the best option for you. Here you can market your product and can sell it. With the right products to sell on Daraz, you will know why is Daraz better than other online selling platforms in the world. Because having to know what to sell on Daraz is the key to success on Daraz.

Let's see how we can sell our products on Daraz.

Sell Your Products On Daraz In Three Simple Steps

Create Seller Account On Daraz

  • To sell on Daraz, go to and click Sign Up button on the upper right corner of the web page.
  • Clicking on Sign Up will redirect you to another page which will have 4 options:
    • DarazMall Seller
    • Local Seller
    • Global Seller
    • Digital Good Seller
  • Every option has its own details and features. It will help you distinguish between the products you want to sell on Daraz. Go through these options carefully so that you can decide on what to sell on Daraz and which options suit you the best.

What all these options stand for? Here's the brief detail for every option:

DarazMall Seller: How to sell on Daraz mall? Who can sell on Daraz mall? These are some of the common questions that people often ask on Google. Well, if you have a registered company and your business is licensed, this option will be best for you. That means, if you have a registered company, having license for what you do as business, you can definitely sell on Daraz mall and earn money through Daraz.

Daraz Local Seller If your business is unlicensed, then you can choose to become local seller on Daraz and sell products locally on the platform.

Daraz Global Seller Can I sell in other countries on Daraz? If you have this question in mind, here's the answer to that. If you want your products to have reach outside Pakistan and want to be owner of a stable business, then this option is best for you. You can choose to become Global Seller on Daraz.

Digital Good Seller On Daraz: Now, if you sell digital products on Daraz, you should choose this option.

  • After selecting the option of your choosing, you will have to fill out a form to become a seller on Daraz where you will give the following information:

Shop Name: When you create Daraz seller account, you may get confused on what should be your Daraz shop name. This gets even tough if you have not pre-decided about this. Your Daraz shop name should be easy to remember and pronounce. You will be known with this name on the site.

Mobile Number: Here, provide the mobile number that you use 24/7. Because your potential customers will contact you on this number. Customer care on Daraz, like any other platform, is of great importance. So provide the mobile number that you regularly use and that never goes off.

Password: To secure your Daraz seller account, you need to create a strong password. The password has to be strong enough not to be breached.

Email: You will provide your email address here. Make sure you provide the email that you check regularly. Because billing and other related details of your Daraz seller account will be sent to you on this email address.

Verification: To prove that you are not a robot, you will have to slide an arrow.

Terms & Conditions: After carefully reading the terms and conditions, check the box at the bottom of the form. After completing this, your sign up for Daraz will be completed.

Add Products To Your Daraz Seller Account

After verifying the number and email given on the sign up form, you can move on to next step. It would be best to provide as much information as you can. Here you can give all these information.

You will be redirected to your Daraz seller account dashboard where you will add products that you want to sell on Daraz. Hover over the 'Products' option. You will see the option 'Add Products'. To move forward, click this option and provide following information:

Category: Choosing the right category for your product is very important. This is where you actually deal with the question of 'what to sell on Daraz'. The website will also suggest you on which categories you should choose.

Product Name: Choose an easy and short name for your products on Daraz. It should be a name that can easily be searched and remembered.

Brand: If you sell branded products on Daraz, you will have to name the brand here. If it is otherwise, choose the option 'No Brand'.

Video URL: Most of the Daraz sellers add a video to describe their products and their features. If you have a video, paste its URL here. Otherwise, leave it blank.

Highlights: To make it easily understandable, it is necessary to write products and their features in the form of bullets. This will make it cleaner and easy to read the description for customers.

Products Basics: This should contain the basic information about your Daraz product like model, type and generation etc.

What’s In The Box: It is very important that you write all the information on the product box about what will the customer receive after buying your product. In other words, mention the things that you are going to send to your customer. This information should be mentioned clearly on the product box. The key factor to grow as a seller on Daraz is winning the trust of your customers. This thing would definitely help the cause.

Media: You can add maximum 8 original pictures of your product here. Describe your product as much as you can through these pictures. The more you describe your product effectively, the more you will get orders on Daraz.

Availability: To show that if a product is available for sale, turn on this option. When the product is out of stock, make sure to turn this option off.

Price & Quantity: Set a custom price your products on Daraz.

Service And Delivery: Here, you will add the weight of the product parcel, its dimensions and warranty.

Promote Your Products On Daraz

While Daraz promotes your products at its own, but it would be a lot better that you promote your products at your own. This would help you earn more profits than other sellers on Daraz. Personal marketing of your products would not only play a vital role in promotion of your products, but will also promote you as a seller on Daraz.

There are different methods of Daraz products promotion. Such as writing a blog post that describes features of your product. Then promoting it on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and other platforms and targeting the right audience.

Personal marketing will boost your sales and this will help you achieve your goals as a seller. You must make sure that you have the best selling products on Daraz. The rest will be taken care of by effective promotion of your Daraz shop.

After you upload your products on Daraz shop, you need to keep in mind a few things:

  • Daraz holds your payment for 15 days after the product is sold. If there are no bad reviews and the product is free of defects, Daraz will transfer your payment after deducting its own commission. Payment method on Daraz is also very easy which makes it best online shopping platform for sellers in Pakistan.
  • For shipping on Daraz, you can choose either DarazMall or any other shipping method of your choosing.

How To Delete Daraz Seller Account?

Do you want to close your seller account on Daraz? You will have to contact 'Help Center' for this purpose. You will have to act upon the instruction given by Help Center.

In this article, we learned how to create Daraz seller account, and how to sell products on Daraz in three steps. We also learned about the necessary things we need to do for selling on Daraz.

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