Urdu Stem is at your service with another article on Fiverr. So in the previous article we saw how to get the first order on Fiverr. Continuing in the same vein, we will look at how to complete and deliver an order to your client after receiving it.

If you want to read more about fiverr Fiverr Series is here for you. Now let's move towards our topic for today

In this post, we will describe the step-by-step procedure to complete and deliver Fiverr's order. All procedures will be explained in detail and with the help of screenshots for better understanding. So continue reading the article to know everything in detail.

How To Complete Fiverr Order?

The most crucial point in a new freelancer's career is the first order. On a fiercely competitive website like Fiverr, it takes a lot of effort and perseverance to land your first order.

urdu stem first fiverr order

You'll need to put your best effort forward to complete this project since you're new to Fiverr and this is your first order. Because doing this will be crucial to expanding your clients and directly increasing your portfolio in the future. In this article, I'll share with you five techniques that will enable you to complete and deliver your first Fiverr order from beginning to end. You will also attract more potential clients and future projects if you use these strategies.

Build Project Prototype

I advise you to develop a prototype of the project before you actually begin it.

A prototype is a sketch or sample of the complete project you're starting. This provides you with a brief overview of your ultimate outcomes.

For instance, we first create a map or a blueprint when we need to build a house for ourselves. Additionally, it grants us the unrestricted right to alter it as we see fit.

urdu stem project prototype

In this manner, we can customise our building to suit our needs and make any necessary alterations before we ever begin construction. If not, it will take a lot of effort and money to change it after it is made.

For this reason, I advise that you develop a prototype before beginning the project. so that you may easily and quickly finish the genuine project.

Take The Opinion of Your Buyer on Prototype

It's time to have your project approved when you've finished the prototype. I'd advise you to deliver the prototype to your customer for comments when you've made it. Keep in mind to remind him that this is only a prototype. Give your customer complete freedom to make any changes he wants.

{Hi {Client Name
.Thanks for giving me a chance to work with you
I just want to let you know, I’ve just created a prototype of your project. It would be helpful if you review it
Note: This is just a prototype, made for improving the final outcome. So feel free to suggest changes you want.
{Your Name}

To send this message, use the Buyer chat function on the Fiverr order page. The advantages of prototyping include:

  • It will strengthen your relation with client
  • After the prototype gets approved, you will get the idea that you are in the right direction to complete the project as your client wants
  • Aids in validating ideas and improvements
  • prevents the need for modifications and abrupt changes
  • It saves your energy and time

Start Working On Actual Project

You may simply begin working on the real project now that you are clear on the processes to follow in order to tailor it to the client's preferences. To finish this assignment, you must demonstrate your ability, innovation, and work ethic. Keep in mind that this project will be part of your portfolio and that it will influence your future work.

Make sure you know what you promised your client on the gig you received this order for. Complete your work according to what you wrote in this Gig. This will increase the trust of the buyers in you.

Give Your Client Something Free Along With Order

urdu stem free bonus with fiverrr order

Right now, as stated in your Gig, you have finished the buyer's order. It's time to complete some additional tasks towards the outcome now. To finalise and polish your order, this is the most significant and fun step. You must now give your client the predetermined order in addition to anything additional. Because of this, the client will have a positive impression of you and be satisfied with you.

For instance, if someone on Fiverr is offering content writing services and receives an order to write 1000 words, and instead produces an article with 1100 words for the price of 1000, the customer will be pleased. And he could be happy to leave you a positive review and possibly a tip as well. Furthermore, there's a good possibility the client will be pleased with your job enough to wish to hire you again.

How To Deliver Order After Completion

urdu stem fiverr order delivery

The project is now finished and has every feature a customer would expect. So let's move on to the next portion. Before presenting the project to the buyer, it is best practice to have every part finished to ensure that your client has no trouble locating any parts.

You can arrange the project in the following way:

  • Create a new folder with project name
  • After this, put all the components of your project in this folder
  • Now open a notepad file and jolt down all the additional things you did for your client
  • Now add this file in your project as well and zip the folder
  • Upload this zip file and along with it write a message according to your project like the sample message given below and send it.

;Hi {Client Name}
.Thanks for your order
.I have completed your project with everything that I mentioned in my Gig
Note: According to the Gig package, you have order {order item}. But as
.You’re my 1st Customer on Fiverr, I have added {extra bounces name} for free
.For any confusion feel free to contact me
{Your Name}

Making a clear picture of your project is something else you must do. This picture will be featured in your gig's portfolio area.

Steps To Send Project File

First of all, go to fiverr and open Order Page of your project

At the bottom of this page, you will see a 'Deliver Now' button with green color

urdu stem fiverr order delivery

Click this button. This will open a new pop-up screen. On this screen, add zip file of the project and image of the project and then click Upload Work button.

urdu stem upload fiverr work

Then you can use chat box to say thanks to your client (optional). You can also use Quick Response for this.

urdu stem quick response

Now click Deliver Work button. Your project will be delivered to your client.

urdu stem deliver fiverr work

You must now wait till the customer proclaims your work finished. You begin viewing the payments in the earnings page as soon as the customer accepts the job. However, it will take 14 days before you may withdraw this money.

What If the Buyer Rejects Your Work?

If the buyer rejects your order because he does not like your work for any reason, you need to ask the customer about this. You might ask the buyer to change the order once you have a better understanding of the issue. This allows you to change the project again as he desires.

Note It's less likely that a client rejects your work if you follow the instructions given in this article

This was our article today where we looked at how to complete the first order on Fiverr and deliver to the client. Also we discussed ways to complete the order on time. We also looked at how to deal with the situation if the client rejects your work. Hope you like our effort. If you want to express your opinion about this article, do tell in the comment section.

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