It would not be out of place if Fiver is called the world's largest online earning platform today. There are many more websites in the world now that provide a platform for people to do freelancing. But fiverr is the most preferred among all these platforms because of the facilities it offers to buyers and sellers alike. This is the reason why the number of users visiting it is increasing day by day.

We decided to let people know about Fiverr given its popularity. In this regard, we have started a series in which we will provide you complete information about Fiverr. An article has been posted earlier in this regard in which we A basic introduction to Fiverr and how it works If you want to read that first, you can

Today in this article we will see how yo9u can create your account on Fiverr and publish your first gig. So let's not waste time and go to our topic today!

How To Create Profile On Fiverr?

Now we come to the task for which you are reading this article. To buy and sell services on Fiverr, you must create an account. To create your account and earn money online, follow these steps:

  • First of all go to Fiverr home page link.
  • After going to home page, click 'Become a seller'
  • Here you will be asked to enter email address. Write email address and click Continue
  • In the next step, you will select your username
  • Your username will be the name that everyone will see. And this name will also be included in your Fiverr profile link.
  • Your username can have a maximum of 15 characters. It cannot contain special characters (%, @, ! etc.).
  • After username you have to choose your password. After selecting the password, click on the Join button. You are now a registered user on Fiverr. You will receive an email to activate your account.
  • This email's validity period is 30 days. To get a fresh confirmation email after 30 days, you must go into Fiverr and click the Resend button.
  • By clicking Activate Your Account in the email you got, you can activate your account.

Your selected payment option will be chosen after you create your profile. A professional photo of you and a description of the services you provide should both be included in your profile.

You will also get the chance to take tests to demonstrate your skills in several fields. The image below shows the test to demonstrate your skills.


We will now cover how to create gigs on our Fiverr account after setting up the profile. Despite the fact that Fiverr offers a mobile app, we are only able to create gigs on the PC. So , you must sign into your Fiverr account on a computer. Let's look at what we must do to create a gig.

  1. Login to your profile. After selecting selling, click on Gigs. All the gigs created on your account are displayed in this section. We won't see any gigs, though, because we're going to create the first one.

2. After clicking on Gigs, a new page will open which will show a button to 'create a new gig'.  Just click it.


3. Select a title, category, and meta tag for your gig in the third stage.


Gig TitleA brief summary of the service you intend to offer on Fiverr is contained in your gig title. It needs to be 80 characters or fewer. You can take inspiration from other sellers if you're unsure of your title. You must, however, make sure that your title is unique.

CategorisOn Fiverr, people may sell and buy services under a variety of categories. These areas consist of writing and translation services, video and animation, music and audio, graphic design, digital marketing, and more.

Depending on your skills, select the category of service that you wish to sell. Categories  cannot be amended once the gig has been created, so keep that in mind.

You also have the choice to choose a subcategory after choosing a category. Your services should be specifically mentioned in the subcategory.

Search TagsYou may add up to 5 search tags on Fiverr. You should include keywords in your search tag that you believe buyers might use while looking for services if you want your gig to show up more frequently in Fiverr's search results. Unsure about your gig? Be aware that there are currently over 3 million service providers using Fiverr.  So, you can use other sellers' gigs as inspiration for your own.

4. Set Pricing For Your Gig


The price of your gig ranges from $5 to $995. If you'd like, you can also offer several packages for the same gig. To do this, click the "Try Now" option.


If you want to offer additional services, you can set multiple pricing for the same gig with the Standard and Premium package choices available. For instance, if your basic pricing is $5 and the estimated delivery time for your order is three days, you can raise your price to $10 and fulfil the same order in two days.

The quantity of work modifications that occur when a buyer requests changes to a work is referred to as gig revisions.

You can also offer a few additional options on your gig depending on the categories and subcategories.

5. Write your gig description and frequently asked questions (FAQs).


The description of your gig is the most crucial component after the gig title. Many new sellers hurriedly create their gig descriptions. This is not how you ought to do it. Correct spelling and grammatical skills should be used when writing the description. Take advice from best-selling sellers and experts in your field. However, be mindful of not to exactly copy their gig description. If you do this, Fiverr can remove your gig or give it a lower ranking.

You have 1200 characters on Fiverr to describe your gig. Also , you may include questions asked by potential buyers and their answers.

Add Requirements


Before starting any work, it is important that you understand it well. The better we understand, the more we can meet our client's expectations. Your requirements can either be in plain text or in an attached file. It is also important to understand your buyer's requirements well so that any misunderstanding can be avoided at the time of delivering the order.

Add Pictures And Videos In Gig


Three different types of galleries are offered by Fiverr for you to add pictures, videos, or even PDF documents. Include videos and images in high resolution that are appropriate for your gig.

Publish Your Gig


This is the final step towards making your gig live on Fiverr. Your gig becomes live and is available to customers who have searched for services in your category on Fiverr as soon as you click the Publish Gig button.

So, we've covered every step needed to publish a gig live on Fiverr.

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