Today in this article we will talk about some of the terms related to metaverse which are very important to know so that when we talk about metaverse we do not face difficulties due to these terms. So let's begin.

What Is Avatar In Metaverse?

An avatar is a digital character that represents you in a computer-generated virtual world, an avatar in the Metaverse will be a digital character that looks just like us - many of us will already have some experience with it. Think of a 2D image that you use on your Instagram profile and a 3D character in a game like Grand Theft Auto (GTA).

And increasingly we will adopt avatars to represent ourselves as we shop, socialize, learn, teach and more in an online connected environment we call the metaverse, and it has been claimed that these avatars will be almost similar to our appearance.

Avatars are not a new concept on the social web, but Facebook's Metaverse gives it a whole new look.

Facebook's Metaverse is expected to be populated by real-life 3D avatars that use artificial intelligence, advanced modeling techniques and electromyography to accurately represent human-like features and movements in a virtual environment. Be aware that these avatars are still under research and may be released sometime in the future. Meanwhile, other companies such as Microsoft are putting their own spin on user avatars for the Metaverse. Its future looks promising.

What Is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is a computer-generated simulated environment created with software and presented to the user in such a way that the user suspends belief and accepts it as a real environment. A person is able to live and interact in this environment.

On a computer, virtual reality is primarily experienced through two of the five senses: sight and sound. VR is usually created through headsets with a head-mounted display with a small screen in front of the eyes, but can also be created through specially designed rooms with multiple large screens which enables a 360-degree view of a virtual world where people can walk in and interact with them. However, it does not account for the user's real environment.

What Is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality (AR) is derived from the Latin word Augere which means 'to add or increase'.

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that allows people to superimpose digital content (images, sound, text) on a real-world environment.

For example, if I am walking down a street, and point my smartphone at that street, the smartphone can detect the street and give me more information, such as the names of cafes and gyms.

AR has become a reality in our lives with an added layer of information. An example of augmented reality is beauty brand L'Oréal's tool that allows you to test different types of makeup on your face.

The great thing about AR is that almost anyone can experience it because all you need is a smartphone. AR techniques have a certain amount of power, which convinces your brain that they are real. The elements really exist in your environment. And, this is when your current world gets a lot more interesting. The future of AR is promising. It is both convenient and challenging for consumers and a new source of income for entrepreneurs.

Another example of AR we talk about is snapchat. As we can add glasses and more on our face with the help of snapchat filters. Snapchat has a Face Detection algorithm as soon as we bring our face in front of the camera, it scans the various components of our face and adds digital products like glasses, virtual makeup and jewelry to our face with the help of Augmented Reality. - Over 200 million people engage with snapchat filters.

What Is Mixed Reality?

Mixed Reality (MR) also known as Hybrid Reality combines the advantages of both Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). As an upgrade to these existing technologies VR and AR, MR has evolved. Mixed reality creates new environments and visualizations where physical and digital objects coexist and can interact with each other.

As we have already discussed that in Virtual Reality (VR) the user enters a completely digital environment and it does not take into account the real environment of the user. In (AR) the user places digital products on the objects around him while in his physical environment, but we cannot manipulate or control these products, but in Mixed Reality (MR) we can do this.


In MR, viewers are not limited to witnessing what a video director wants to show people. Instead, they can move their vision 360 degrees all over the place and in every direction. They can walk the streets of Rome, see a beating heart as it bleeds, design inside the architecture before finalizing the building design, and more.

What Is Extended Reality?

The three main things that Extended Reality (XR) includes are VR, AR, and MR. But it would be very difficult and expensive for a user to manage three different devices VR headset, one AR compatible device, and one MR headset. Hence the need to build XR Devices.

To improve the technology and use an XOR device that combines all three realities in one device and works at the same time instead of having three different devices which is very convenient for the user. Because a technology that is most popular with the public is also the easiest to use.

 Therefore, the market will eventually produce an affordable device for consumers to have all the augmented reality in an XR device that combines the features of VR, AR and MR. On May 20, 2012, the chip maker for the Oculus Quest VR headset made a big announcement that they would begin collaborating with 15 of the world's leading operators to provide XR viewers.

Smartphone interoperability between viewers and smartphones is expected within one to four years. Which means viewers will go wireless while we have 5G Shattered Glasses in the next five to ten years. With the development of these XR devices the future technology looks very bright in general.

What Is Virtual Reality In Metaverse?

A virtual world (also called virtual space) is a computer-generated environment that can be created by many users who can create personal avatars, and exist simultaneously and independently in the virtual world. Along with this, they can participate in its activities, travel to a desired place, interact with others in this virtual world.

These avatars can be textual, graphical, representational, or live video avatars with auditory and tactile sensations, these avatars will be very similar to the real image. Virtual worlds are similar to mirrors. Virtual World user accesses a computer simulation world and experiences a degree of presence in the virtual world. Communication between users takes place through text, graphical icons, visual cues, voice and voice commands, and sense of balance.

What Is Web 3.0 and Blockchain?? And How Is Web 1.0 Different From Web 2.0 And Web 3.0?

  • Web 1.0 Read-only web is the world where people can read information written on websites.
  • Web 2.0 A web technology where a reader can read and write content on websites and applications and watch and upload videos. Currently we are using web 2.0.
  • What Is Web 3.0 Web technology is the web for reading, writing and interacting (powered by AI) where people can read, write and interact with content, including 3D graphics, on websites and apps.

Web 3.0 is the third generation of the World Wide Web and the latest Internet technology that will rely heavily on blockchain technology. It is a network that provides distributed and complete control of information. Web 3.0 is a set of ideas about how the web should look and work in the future. We currently exist somewhere between the worlds of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, and the exact shape of the future Web is by no means defined.

The good thing about Web 3.0 is that it is decentralized—this means that users will be able to sell their data to advertisers while maintaining their ownership and privacy of the data. You will own your data and not third parties like banks, institutes and companies etc. -Web 3.0 will pay users to view ads because they are also spending their time viewing ads. Web 3.0 is user-friendly because it uses the power of big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to analyze user data and behavior to provide a personalized experience.

When you log into an app using your email and password, or when you like a video or ask Alexa a question, all of these activities are tracked by technology companies like Google and Facebook for their ads. track and monitor to better target and use. However, in Web 3.0, data is decentralized which means users will own their data.   

What Is Non-Fungible Token And What Is Its Role In Metaverse?

Non-Fungible Token are unique and indivisible. They should be considered as a kind of title to the ownership of a unique, inimitable object. For example, flight tickets are non-fungible because they are unique. Because of their specific data they cannot be used for any other aircraft or for any other purpose and are used for the purpose for which they are designed. NFTs are indivisible.

Unlike most blockchain-based coins and tokens, NFTs cannot be divided into smaller parts.

 When you buy a digital item like art or a painting in Metaverse, you are given a token for it, which shows that you own the painting. This token is registered in your name. Non-Fungible Token works on blockchain technology.

What Is Metaverse Wallet?

Metaverse is only possible because of Blockchain technology and Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The Metaverse is like an entity and NFT is the blood that runs through those veins. The Metaverse will have its own economy where users can exchange items, participate and do almost everything they do in the real world. This is why the Metaverse provides interesting offers and multi-dimensional interaction more than the mobile internet.

Even Facebook, a multi-billion social networking platform, changed its name to Meta to launch the Facebook Metaverse for more connections. The virtual world is full of interests with a large number of people jumping into the race. That's why a Metaverse wallet is essential.

What Is Creator Economy?

The creator economy is an emerging economic activity that has emerged from the rise of digital information and the resulting widespread popularity of Web 2.0 technology and is quite revolutionary. The term refers to an economy in which people who create content — from musicians to writers — receive funding directly from their audiences. And to cut record labels, TV, newspapers, and publishers out of the middle.

It's a huge revolution in that content creators can now say whatever they want without being held back by unaccountable corporate shareholders, executives or editors.

This is a big step towards the democratization of everything. You can see that this is an incredible change — now, artists, writers, and journalists can work directly with their communities. No need for censorship.

What Is Decentralized Autonomous Organization?

A DAO, or "Decentralized Autonomous Organization," is a community-led organization with no central authority. Without a central governing body, each member within a DAO typically works toward a common goal and in the best interest of the organization. It is completely independent and transparent.

Part of the beauty of this framework is the alignment of incentives. That is, it is in the individual's best interest to be candid in their voting and only approve proposals that are in the best interest of the protocol itself. A stronger protocol will be more widely used, and in turn will increase the value of the token that each DAO member holds.

What Is Play To Earn In Metaverse?

The play-to-earn concept in the metaverse is facilitated by NFTs. But let's talk about how it works.

The play-to-earn concept in the metaverse is facilitated by NFTs. Metaverse-ready gaming applications can use NFTs to create in-game assets with real-world value. Players who earn these NFTs by playing the game can later cash them out for real money. For example, you can own a unique skin that is completely owned by you and not by a central gaming company.

NFT will increase in value over time as more and more people start playing the game and want to own a piece of it. You can then trade or sell your NFTs to get more money.

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