Probably all of us have at some point heard of blockchain technology. But do we understand how this technology operates and how it fits into contemporary life? We shall outline the fundamental ideas of blockchain technology in today's article, along with other crucial details.

What Is Blockchain Technology?

Everyone is talking about blockchain technology these days. The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies has made this technology widely known. Blockchain technology is used to register crypto transactions.

However, there are a lot of investors who have limited knowledge about this technology and often associate it with cryptocurrencies. But blockchain technology is not just for registering crypto transactions, it is found useful in other fields as well.۔

In today's article, we will share some basic information about blockchain, and we will be sharing some of its applications as well.

How Does Blockchain Technology Work?

This technology first came into practical use with the release of Bitcoin. Initially, it was used as a decentralized ledger to record crypto transactions in an immutable manner. These transactions are organized in blocks, which are chained together, that's why they are called blockchain technology.

The biggest feature of blockchain technology is its decentralized nature. The ledger is distributed to hundreds of thousands of computers. This distribution indicates that there is no single governing body to control it.

Generally, transactions are peer-to-peer, which do not require any third party.

Different Types Of Blockchain Technology

Lets talk about the different types of blockchain technology.

1. Public Blockchain

The first type of blockchain technology is the public blockchain, which can be accessed and used by any one in the world. It is not controlled by a single entity, don't require permission, and depend on the algorithm for issuance of new token.

Any one with the required hardware can be a validator. Any cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin, can be called public blockchain.

2. Private Blockchain

Private blockchains use a private network, and are controlled by a single entity. While anyone can access public blockchain, you will need permission from the governing body to access the private blockchain. These blockchains are often used for operational purposes in business.

3. Consortium Blockchain

Consortium blockchains are the blockchains which are controlled by more than one private entity. They also require permission to use the network. The entities involved decide who can use the blockchain network, and to what extent they can benefit from its features.

4. Hybrid Blockchain

The last type is hybrid blockchain, which is a mix of both public and private blockchain. In this case, the network exists in the form of layers, whose outer portion is public, and the internal portion is governed by a private entity.

Important Benefits Of Blockchain Technology

To address the benefits of blockchain technology, we will seek help from public blockchain.

1. Decentralized Structure

As we have talked about it, the biggest feature of all the blockchains is decentralization. Without a single governing body, all assets are created following a consensus algorithm, which is usually open source and anyone can audit it.

Additionally, it allows users to deal directly with one another while maintaining complete ownership of their assets.

2. Better Privacy And Security

Due to the decentralization feature, blockchains get extended security. Because the ledger is distributed among thousands of different participants, hackers cannot exploit any weak points in the network.

Additionally, the cryptography is virtually cannot be hacked, and the assets in the Wallet cannot be hacked unless the user makes a mistake. Furthermore, the name of the distributed ledger is also fictitious, despite being completely transparent. This provides even more anonymity because transactions are not connected to a user's identification.

3. Blockchain Technology Reduces Transactions Cost

The biggest benefit of blockchain transactions is their reduced costs. Especially when it is compared to financial transactions through traditional banks, they are cheaper. As a result of their borderlessness, which entails no additional transaction fees, they are very flexible for international transactions.

4. Traceability & Visibility

The blockchain ledger is completely transparent and anyone can freely review it. The origin of a single transaction can be tracked, and the users can also view its source. This feature is crucial in logistics industry, where tracking is essential.

Applications Of Blockchain Technology

Due to the modern contracts, within years, the applications of blockchain are in hundreds. These decentralized applications can be used to automate the blockchain and represent any value through tokenized assets. Following are different uses of blockchain:

1. Applications In Government

Governments can eradicate corruption in administrative processes by using blockchain technologies. Moreover, it builds an environment where users can access any information. In addition, blockchain technology can make the election process transparent by removing any areas of doubt regarding election results.

2. Blockchain In Banking & Finance

Through Decentralized Finance, we have seen how blockchain technology has revolutionized the financial system and shaped it into what it is today. Individuals can now rely on smart contracts to have access to cutting-edge financial tools like lines of credit.

Additionally, smart contracts can serve as an impartial middleman for peers to borrow assets. Finally, those without access to a sound banking infrastructure can engage in the global economy.

3. Applications Of Blockchain In Supply Chain

The most important use of blockchain technology is in logistics field. It offers total product traceability across the supply chain, which can entirely solve the rising issue of counterfeit goods. Additionally, it gives customers access to the product's source, making it simpler to encourage a free market.

What Is Blockchain Technology: Conclusion

Blockchain technology got famous due to the cryptocurrencies, but now it is gaining popularity in other fields as well. By providing an alternative to our outdated and flawed financial system, this technology has gained popularity and disrupted the banking industry during the past two years. And this is only the start.

Blockchain will eventually become more prevalent in other industrial sectors and the driving force behind the much-discussed impending metaverse.

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