When it comes to earning money from internet, we have so many options to try. But, most of us prefer starting a YouTube channel, as they find it most interesting and better way of earning money from internet. Those who want to start a new YouTube channel, they must have thought about how much YouTube payment per view would they get?

The road to earn money from YouTube seems to be an easy one, but there's a very little percentage of people who succeed in this way. Creating a YouTube channel can be a tough ask, and to make it a success, you will have to upload videos consistently in the beginning.

However, if your channels turns out to be a success, this will help you earn money from another stream. In today's article, we will try to understand that how much YouTube payment per view you will be getting after you get your YouTube channel monetized? Or in other words, we will try to know that how much money YouTubers generally make. Sounds interesting, right? So lets begin right away.

How Much Money Does Every View Generate On YouTube?

To earn money on YouTube, first, you will have to be eligible for YouTube monetization. And we know that, to earn money on YouTube, you need minimum of 1000 subscribers and a 4000 hours of watch time. The second most important thing you need to know is that the YouTubers don't have a fixed salary.

Every YouTube channel earns a different amount. It depends on how big the channel is and how many views it gets. Prior to knowing the exact rate of YouTube payment per view, we will try to understand the factors that affect the payment channels get by YouTube.

Factors Affecting YouTube Payment

In the beginning, every view you get is not eligible for monetization. It is important that the viewer views the ad for 30 seconds. If so, then it will be counted as one view. It is an important thing. This means that not every view that your video gets is counted as a view.

If you want to get YouTube payment for every view your video get, it is important that your viewer watches the ad for at least 30 seconds. Or, if the ad is shorter, watch full ad. This is the thing you can't do much about. All you can do is hoping from YouTube to place interesting ads on your videos so your viewer watches most portion of the ad.

The second factor that affects the YouTube payment per view is that the CPM differs wit respect to audience. Now, what is this CPM? CPM stands for Cost Per Mile. This is the amount the advertiser pays to YouTube for every 1000 views on the ad.

Can CPM Be Different?

Yes, CPM differs. This difference is based on the difference of the regions. The amount of CPM varies in different countries. For example, Norway and Germany are the countries with highest CPM amount. The last thing, the more views on your video, the higher the chances are that your ad is seen by more people. And this is directly proportional to greater amount of YouTube payment.

Keeping these factors in mind, lets have a look at how much YouTube payment per view you will get.

How Much Does YouTube Pay Per View?

YouTube charges $0.18 on every view from its contractors. At this rate, YouTube pays 68% amount to YouTubers according to Google AdSense. This is a good rate. This means you get $0.12 on every view. And if we calculate yearly income of a YouTuber, this becomes approximately $122 on every 1000 views.

If we have a look at it in more details, we will see that these stats are not that simple. Some people use ad blockers. There are many other people who skip the ad in the first few seconds. Due to this and other reasons, the actual YouTube payment pe view is between $0.003 to $0.005. This means that every 1000 views on your video will generate 3-5 dollars for you.

You can use AdSense revenue calculator to make an estimation on how much money a YouTuber makes per year. An estimate made by Google's calculator can be lucrative. But before you become a full-time YouTuber. it is better to study the pros and cons of becoming a YouTuber. This can be a tough ask, and chances of failing can't be written off.

YouTube Payment Per View: What Is The Simple Calculation?

YouTube pays a fixed amount on every view. Still, the there's a difference in the income of every YouTuber. This is because the amount YouTubers get paid from YouTube depends on the number of views they get, and also the region of the viewers which they belong to.

It is not possible to exactly calculate YouTube payment per view. This is because the viewers belong to different regions and countries. However, the average YouTube payment per view is about $0.003-0.005. In more simple words, we can say that "the more the number of views, the higher the payment will be".

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