In the current era, where everything is changing and adopting modern styles, the shopping styles are also changing. In Pakistan too, now the trend of going to the markets to buy things has decreased a little. The reason for this is the growth of e-commerce. Now people can order their favorite things online from the comfort of their home and get their order delivered at their doorstep.

In this type of shopping Ecommerce systems have played a vital role. And if we look more closely, we will find that this too has a lot to do with the technologies that make e-commerce websites easy to build.

WordPress is at the forefront of such technologies. In which even a common man who is not familiar with technology or any programming language can easily create his own website and sell his products online.

Various plugins have a huge hand in giving WordPress this position. WordPress has a number of ecommerce plugins that make it easy to create an ecommerce website. In today's article we will also talk about the most used e-commerce plugin in WordPress. Yes, we are going to talk about Woocommerce Plugin , the most widely used ecommerce plugin in WordPress. So without further delay, let's see what it is, how it works and how we can easily create an e-commerce website using it

What Is Woocommerce?

WooCommerce is a customizable, open-source e-commerce platform built on WordPress. It is also the world's most popular WordPress e-commerce plugin. Its market share is 28.24 percent. It is used in 3,876,748 online stores and is driving the e-commerce economy.

Its significance is amplified by the fact that it is built on WordPress, which powers 40% of all websites on the Internet.

With many essential features like managing inventory and taxes, secure payments, and shipping, it makes it simple to set up and operate an online store.

Its significance can be demonstrated with just one example. Assume that the seven main WordPress e-commerce plugins represent the seven continents of the globe. Therefore, woocommerce would be the equivalent of Asia. That is the biggest!

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Why Woocommerce Is Used For Creating Ecommerce Site?

WordPress provides a wide range of plugins for building online stores. But why does WooCommerce seem to be the preferred plugin for WordPress users? The following list of advantages for WooCommerce will show us the solution to this query:

Pricing Of Woocommerce

The cost of the item is usually one of the first considerations whenever you consider making a purchase. It is the same situation here. A WordPress user who intends to create an e-commerce website will first consider which platform will be easy for him to use and will be inexpensive.

The best answer to this prevalent pricing issue is provided by WooCommerce. Although WooCommerce has a paid version, we don't need to purchase it in order to create a standard e-commerce website. The free version of WooCommerce allows for the creation of a simple e-commerce website.

The need to purchase the Paid version arises only when we need additional services other than managing orders, managing payments, managing shipments of orders and managing taxes etc. For example, if you need to add a payment method that is popular in a particular country, you may need to purchase woocommerce addons for that.

The Facility Of Separate Extensions For Each Functionality In WooCommerce

We must look at WooCommerce's modular architecture in order to fully comprehend what it is. Similar to WordPress, WooCommerce has a wealth of functionalities that can be expanded by using plugins. Retailers who use WooCommerce gain from this modularity on two fronts: they have access to thousands of WordPress plugins and themes as well as hundreds of extensions made specifically for e-commerce and designed for WooCommerce.

A modular architecture has the benefit of fostering the growth of a developer community that produces extensions to offer specific WooCommerce and WordPress features. Online retailers employ these plugins, which were made by WooCommerce developers directly.

Open Source Plugin

Open source software is software that is free to use, modify, and add new features.

Woocommerce is a free and open source plugin. This plugin is improved and supported by about 350 developers from across the world. You can tweak it and its source code to suit your business requirements.

You Can Sell Everything With Woocommerce

WooCommerce is extraordinarily adaptable. Given that you can create a website to sell goods, you can essentially sell anything there. If you want to sell something, you may use WooCommerce dropshipping to sell any type of product, including physical and digital goods.

With its assistance, you may also sell appointments, memberships, and subscriptions in addition to goods. WooCommerce is the greatest option if you need to sell a lot of physical items or digital items.

A Vibrant Community Of Developers

Since WooCommerce and WordPress are both open source, anyone may modify or add to the core functionality, develop new extensions, and develop unique themes. This is challenging to execute for certain less well-known e-commerce platforms since qualified developers are hard to come by. Even if you do find a developer, the cost of hiring them can be prohibitive.

The benefit of WooCommerce in this situation is that common users gain access to a big community of developers and WooCommerce experts. Finding a developer for the job won't be difficult if you need to make adjustments to your WooCommerce store. Furthermore, achieving the highest level of WooCommerce security is made quite simple by its extensive use and developer community.

Woocommerce Grows Your Business

Maybe you're new to ecommerce. However, your store will expand soon. You should plan for e-commerce expansion as your store expands.

Consider your company's future while selecting an e-commerce solution. While it could be small today, it will expand over time, so you should pick an application that can handle a busy store without adding too much complexity at first.

The fact that Woocommerce supports stores of various sizes is one of its benefits.  It can scale from a few products to thousands, and from a few customers per day to hundreds per second. The functionality of your online store can expand along with your online store

The Best Content Management System

Since WordPress, the most powerful Content Management System in the world, is the foundation upon which WooCommerce is built, managing content is not a problem. That's advantageous as e-commerce content marketing is essential to a successful online store.

E-commerce marketing, sales optimization, and search engine optimization all depend on content. Blogging, landing pages, email marketing, and product descriptions are just a few of the many content management options provided by WordPress and WooCommerce when used together.

Users of Woocommerce can optimise their content to be found in searches by using SEO plugins that are compatible with Woocommerce, such as Yoast.

Woocommerce Is A Fast Plugin

Customers that visit websites with WordPress and eCommerce benefit from enhanced responsiveness and performance. WooCommerce's superior speed and responsiveness is a significant benefit.

To further enhance the performance of your WooCommerce business, you can use dedicated hosting for WooCommerce. It is created primarily to increase performance. WooCommerce can be supported by standard web hosting, but it may not offer the best conditions for PHP, MySQL, servers, and networks, which are necessary for a responsive and low-latency e-commerce experience.

Wocommerce Is The Best Option For Online Selling

The fact that WooCommerce is made for online sales is one of its main benefits. It contains every functionality a novice e-commerce user may possibly need to launch and manage their own store. Here are certain advantages that are specifically intended to encourage and facilitate online selling:

  • It has more than 100 payment gateways which you can easily integrate to your store
  • Wocommerce offers multiple shipping methods in which you can set shipping zones and shipping classes according to your requirements
  • An easy-to-understand back end for stock management, refunds, order management, email management, and everything else you need to effectively manage your e-commerce store
  • Use thousands of configurable and mobile-friendly premium themes to give your store a unique look or use custom theme
  • Woocommerce provides best and easy to understand documentation for new users so that they can easily know the working of this powerful ecommerce plugin

After looking at so much benefits, still wondering how to create your online store? Worry not further, and decide to go for woocommerce and open your online shop so you can do business even outside your country.

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