As our readers know that on this website we have started a series for complete information about Fiverr. So far in this series we have learned how to create an account on Fiverr and create and publish your gig. Today in this article we will discuss how to rank a gig posted on Fiverr and see how our gig can appear on the first page of search results. So let's begin.

The majority of people believe that it is quite challenging to make that much money on sites like Fiverr, where services can be purchased for as little as $5. If people rank their fiverr gigs appropriately, I believe they can make up to 90% more money. This should help us understand how significant ranking is on Fiverr. You sort of get famous when your gig appears on the first page of a fiverr search. Additionally, many buyers place orders on your gig as a result of it being on the front page.

How To Make Millions On A Website Where Selling Services Start At Just 5$?

That's probably what you're thinking, or what you thought up until about 2014, when people started to build their own profiles on Fiverr thinking that it was a joke. These guys began to make more money than they had at their previous occupations. These days, fiverr is the only source of money for such sellers. They are no longer in need of a job.

We may see from the image below how much money Fiverr makes for himself.


Number of daily new users on fiverr's website is 2،518،092 Is. There is a tremendous quantity of traffic, both from buyers and sellers. Additionally, Fiverr receives fees from buyers and sellers totaling $600,000 each month. You still believe that you cannot make millions here, do you?

How Does Fiverr Search Algorithm Work?

Based on the number of reviews you receive, your conversion rate, and gig tags, Fiverr's search algorithm assigns gigs a ranking. To learn the tricks that will improve your gig ranking, you must truly utilise your brain. Since this is the only way to succeed as a seller on Fiverr and earn money online.

We'll show you tried-and-true techniques that will raise your Fiverr ranking and make it easier for you to find other ways to make money online before you deactivate your account because you're unable to earn money on the platform.

1. Get Your First Order In As Soon As Possible

You must first get a review in order for other clients to order your gig if you want to earn their trust.

Possible steps to get a first review are:

You can urge a friend to buy your service and leave a thoughtful, 5-Star review. Also, a lot of people do this. However, this goes against Fiverr's core values. However, this approach is applied. That, too, doesn't seem to be a good thing. However, if you're not getting your first order, you can try it once and move on.

My advice is to send Buyer Requests on a daily basis. If you are doing everything right then it is quite possible that a buyer will definitely contact you and buy your service.

Your profile will look content-rich and you'll be a Rated Seller once there is a review on it.

Do Proper On-Page SEO of Your Gig

On Fiverr, you must perform On-Page SEO on your gig in the same way that we bloggers optimize our pages to appear higher in search results. Keywords can be used to do this. Now let's look at it:

Add Keywords In Your Gig Title

Even a single keyword can make a significant difference in how well your gig ranks.

For example;

"I will fix wordpress issues for you" is a title. "fix wordpress issues" is a keyword.

Note: It's not always necessary but if added, it is beneficial

Use Right Keywords In Your Gig Tags

You are required to provide 5 gig tags when creating a gig on the "Overview" tab. Buyer search keywords are entered using these tags.


How To Find The Right Keyword?

You can find the right keywords for you by thinking of search terms that a buyer might use to search for a service.


For example, if you're selling WordPress Fixation services, search for “Fix Word” and a bunch of keywords will start to appear. Try adding keywords to the tags like: fix wordpress , WordPress, Customization, Fix, Fix WordPress Issues.

It's important to keep in mind that the above keywords can be combined, for example, "WordPress" and "Customization" to get "WordPress Customization," ensuring that your Gig will show up on the first page of results when someone searches for it.

You Can Take Help From Tags of Other Sellers


Add Keywords To Your Description As Well

The same goes for your gig description—keywords are essential. But let me offer you some strong advice here: Don't overuse keywords. At the start of your gig description, you might insert keywords.

For example;

 “Are you having WordPress issues? Worry not! Because I am an expert who has helped many clients Fix WordPress Issues.

You can see the keyword "Fix WordPress Issues" in this illustration. It's not like I have to push it in, though. It simply appears to be a natural part of the sentence.

Keywords Do Appear In Your Gig URL As Well

This is a good practice. You cannot modify your Gig URL. Following publication, the Gig link is created automatically using the Gig title. The keywords will automatically show up in your Gig URL if they are used appropriately in the Gig title.

Build Trustworthy Clients

When you have established a solid rapport with your clients, they won't think twice about hiring you again. If they have any other work available, you can also get in touch with them later.

This way you can always maintain your rating and your account will have constant money flowing into it.

Make sure you are earning a fair price for your job and delighting your client while collaborating with your purchasers. Don't be hesitant to give multiple revisions.

Improve Your Conversion Rate

The conversion rate is the percentage of new customers who contact you and place an order. You must communicate more effectively. Your gig will rank faster if you have a greater conversion rate. Fiverr will begin to reward you as soon as they see you are using their platform daily and earning money from it.

Install the Fiverr app, where you can view your conversion rate, to monitor your account's conversion rate.

Improve Your Average Selling Rate

On Fiverr orders, the average selling rate equals the average earning rate. Your average sales rate will soon reach $50 if practically all of your orders are for more than $50 (and none are for under $5 or over $10).

Buyers can set a budget on Fiverr Search, and when they do, your gig will appear because your average sales rate fits that budget. Therefore, a greater average sales rate equates to more revenue. You must start concentrating on this right away. Because it becomes very tough to modify the average selling rate when you have up to 1000 orders and an average selling price of $15 to $20.

It is preferable to profit more from smaller orders. You'll be able to comprehend and control Fiverr's search algorithm if you make goals like these.

Stay Online All The Time

For your gig to continue to appear when customers select "Active Sellers" in the search, you must constantly be online. Install the Fiverr app on your smartphone to stay connected at all times. To be active, it would be best if you use your laptop, but make sure it is always online. A laptop makes working more professional-looking.

Be A Higher Level Seller

On Fiverr, all seller levels aid in the promotion of their gigs. You are a new seller at first. You must earn a total of $400 in order to reach level one seller status. You need $2000 in revenue to reach level two seller status.

If you are performing well, it typically takes 1-2 months to get level one selling status and roughly 4-5 months to reach level two seller status. These factors are affected by the category in which you are providing your services and your income.

As a seller, as you progress, buyers will trust you and want to do work with you.

Promote Your Gig On Social Platforms

There comes a time when your Fiverr sales drop dramatically. The reason is that  Fiverr wants you to grow the platform. They encourage you to use social media to advertise your service. Sharing it on social media is the most effective way to achieve this. You should also join Facebook groups and discuss your service category there. You may assist anyone online anywhere, and if they want to pay you, you can provide them with the URL of your Fiverr gig so they can hire you and make payments there.

Create Multiple Gigs In One Category

You need to create multiple Gigs in your category in order to get an order from a buyer. However, keep the subcategory different. As an illustration WordPress allows you to set up two gigs: one for "Bug Fixing" and one for "WordPress Speed Optimization".

Complete Orders Regularly

Get new orders every day, not just once a week. It could take some time at initially to receive daily orders, but you can cultivate a few solid clients so that you do.

These suggestions can improve your Fiverr Gig rank if you follow the instructions to the letter.

General Mistakes We Make While Ranking Our Gigs

Avoid the following mistakes to improve your gig ranking

  • When you first create your gig, be sure to include the correct gig title. If not, your URL will be modified. After creating your Gig, don't change the title.
  • Don't frequently update the Gig picture. Ensure that everything is flawless at once. It is better to fully educate yourself about it before beginning the implementation process.
  • Don't directly ask your clients for reviews. Instead, you can ask them to give their honest feedback.
  • Avoid using the Fiverr app excessively because they still need to improve some features. For instance: When you type "email" in a conversation on the desktop version, Fiverr alerts you not to use that term. However, the app doesn't show any such message.
  • Please Terms of Services Need your attention. So many people make mistakes but they don't know what exactly the mistake is.
  • Please check out other sellers' profiles and gigs in your category. Get a thorough understanding of how others are operating before beginning to operate similarly.
  • It is not a good idea to outsource work on Fiverr. if you contract out a $5 task. You pay $1 to Fiverr, the service provider will charge $2, and you receive $2 in return. This is a pretty hard way to make money.
  • There are numerous jobs in the same category, and roughly 60% of them are doing fantastic because they carry out the tasks correctly, so don't feel like "I can't do it."

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